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Vuzix announces its tiniest, lowest power, most advanced microLED display-based projection engine

Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ:VUZI) has announced at the SID/DSCC Business Conference its tiniest, lowest power, most advanced microLED display-based projection engine to be made commercially available throughout the world. The company said these micro display engines, for which Vuzix partner Jade Bird Display will be supplying the microLEDs panels inside the projection engine, are built to be useful for a number of use cases — including view finders, HUDs, athletic eyewear, helmets, language translation pens, and pico-projectors. The engines will be utilized in the most advanced fashionable and ergonomic AR smart glasses currently in development by Vuzix. READ: Vuzix reports record $3.8M Smart Glasses sales in 1Q results New York-based Vuzix said the microLED display-based projection engines, which consist of a microLED panel, projection optics, and engine assembly, are designed for pairing with a see-through waveguide and the overall engine measures as small as the cubic size of a pencil eraser.  “Vuzix waveguides and the miniature size of these new display engines should allow our next generation AR Smart Glasses to have the fashion forward look and feel of normal eyeglasses,” said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix, in a statement.  “And, as good as they will be for our next generation smart glasses, their size, brightness and low power consumption make them an incredibly attractive solution for so many other product form factors currently being contemplated by various product manufacturers.” Contact the author: patrick@proactiveinvestors.com Follow him on Twitter @PatrickMGraham

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