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Marble Financial is helping train Canadians into the best financial shape of their lives

MyMarble app provides Canadians with tools and education to improve financial fitness Fast Track Loan helps users repay consumer proposals  Relies on automated software to give personalized recommendations What Marble Financial does: Marble Financial Inc (CSE:MRBL) (OTCMKTS:MRBLF) (FRA:2V0) is a financial technology company that wants to empower Canadians to manage their personal finances, improve their credit and deal with debt. To help them do that, the company built MyMarble, an app that takes real-time data from users’ existing credit reports and financial data to make recommendations that can help them achieve financial fitness in as little as three months.  MyMarble uses automated tools to deliver personalized recommendations and offers interactive bite-sized financial courses to educate users on how they can progress toward their financial goals.  Using its proprietary technology solutions such as Fast Track Loan, Score Up, and Credit Meds, Marble is able to guide its customers back to mainstream credit faster than traditional methods. Since 2016, the company has helped thousands of Canadians to build a positive financial future. Fast Track Loan helps Canadians get out from under consumer proposals, legally binding agreements made with a licensed insolvency trustee that create a plan for repaying creditors debt owed. Filing one negatively affects one’s credit score and can make buying a house or making other major financial moves harder. Marble works with the trustee to pay off the entire consumer proposal immediately and shrinks the monthly payment owed by the consumer. Monthly Fast Track Loan payments are then reported to the credit bureau, which can raise one’s credit score. Marble also owns Inverite Verification Inc, a Canadian open banking and consumer-directed financial data provider for the financial services industry. How is it doing: In May 2021, Marble launched GIC Savings Loans with Jenson Graf Risk Management Inc on the MyMarble platform. MyMarble will provide Jenson Graf with a “progressive software solution” that will automate the GIC Savings Loan application and approval process.  MyMarble will also provide an affiliate portal that will collect consumer credit and banking data through its proprietary Inverite Risk Score to support the underwriting process and improve loan performance. Marble’s Inverite Verification Inc subsidiary also entered into a data verification agreement in June with PowerSports, a company engaged in financing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and personal watercraft, recreational vehicles and travel trailers. By integrating Inverite into its online lending origination solution, PowerSports will be able to obtain the fastest and most secure digital identity verification (KYC) information — providing insight into a borrower’s transaction history and real-time banking verification in order to offer the best customer experience and financing solution available.  Marble Financial also found new partners in May to the tune of 15 auto-lending companies. The new partners will offer consumers access to MyMarble. They will also be able to leverage MyMarble’s credit improvement recommendation technology to help consumers to improve their credit scores in order to obtain vehicle financing at optimal rates. The previous month, Marble announced an online performance marketing partnership with Canada’s largest parent-focused performance marketing and media platform, 55Rush 55Rush will enable MyMarble to amplify its user reach and generate more leads by helping Parent Life Network members improve their financial fitness through sponsored content, including giveaways, deals, resources and forums.  Inflection points: Expansion of user base through partnerships Growth of data verification services with Inverite Verification  Users turning to GIC Savings Loans with Jenson Graf What the boss says: “The amalgamation of customer data provides an opportunity for Marble to offer and deliver more efficient processing and approvals of credit solutions in-house or through our partner network of lenders and mortgage brokers, as an example,” Marble Financial CEO Karim Nanji said in April. “Ultimately, the consolidation of the consumer’s financial data creates an opportunity for us and our partners to access this information to provide new services and more robust solutions in the areas of personal finance, money management including savings, investment, tax and insurance,” he added. Contact Andrew Kessel at andrew.kessel@proactiveinvestors.com Follow him on Twitter @andrew_kessel

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