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Adcore launches Amphy, the world’s largest round-the-clock live learning marketplace

Adcore Inc (TSE:ADCO) (FRA:ADQ) (OTCQX:ADCOF) kicked off the launch of Amphy, the world’s most diverse, as well as largest round-the-clock live online learning marketplace. The Israel-based company said it is “committed” to supporting the expansion of Amphy through “capital investment, technical backing and marketing expertise” to ensure its successful launch and ongoing development. Undoubtedly, Amphy is poised to capitalize on the brisk rise in online learning, particularly ‘live’ learning, which has seen dramatic acceleration during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. READ: Adcore provides the tech to help eCommerce take command of the digital advertising transformation Amphy launched in beta only six months ago and has already screened and onboarded “200+ teachers and is actively offering 800 classes across 70 categories” to thousands of students, said the company. Adcore said Amphy connects local teachers to a global audience, previously out of reach, while also allowing them full flexibility to set their own pricing and schedules. “When they join the virtual Amphy community, teachers gain access to ongoing community events, competitions, enrichment workshops, and promotional opportunities,” said the company. In addition, the often chaotic process of collecting payments, scheduling, sending reminders, and other admin elements are automated by Amphy, so that teachers can focus on what’s important: helping their students learn. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and rapid growth the Amphy marketplace has achieved to date through only a soft launch and exceedingly short period of operation,” Adcore CEO Omri Brill said in a statement. “Amphy is the right product, at the right time, done the right way. Adcore’s continued backing, both financial and operational, provides Amphy with the ability to become the dominant player in the incredibly promising live online learning market, and establishes it as a pioneer in both scope and quality.” Brill noted that this is “just the beginning” and the company “looked forward to providing an accessible and enjoyable learning experience” to many more students for many years to come. Students on Amphy’s platform can finally shift away from the static, non-interactive learning offered by pre-recorded classes, to actively participate in live classes tailored to their individual needs. The benefits of Amphy’s live approach include a sense of personal connection and belonging with both teachers and peers, accountability that leads to a long-term commitment to lessons, and personalized feedback – like correcting a foreign language pronunciation or having the ability to ask a cooking class teacher in real-time about an ingredient substitution – that can only be gained from live interaction. “Amphy features a broad selection of classes on topics ranging from business and language instruction, to cooking and fitness, with particularly strong emphasis on instruction for both kids and young adults, which positions the platform to appeal to a vast addressable market,” said the company. Given Amphy’s large portfolio of classes, live approach and expanding network of teachers, Adcore expects to rapidly scale and capitalize on the ever-growing shift to online learning. Adcore is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and has offices in Toronto, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Contact the author Uttara Choudhury at uttara@proactiveinvestors.com Follow her on Twitter: @UttaraProactive