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ESE inks sponsorship deal with apparel firm Diverse for Digital Motorsports Tournament  

ESE Entertainment Inc. (TSX-V:ESE) announced that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with leading multi-brand European apparel company Diverse for Digital Motorsports’ in-person tournament, which is concluding with a grand finale on April 13, 2022.  Diverse has a history of partnerships within the automotive industry. It is the official technical partner of Dakar, the annual rally car race, and has produced apparel for 24 Hours of Le Mans, an automobile endurance event, among other partnerships.  As a part of its sponsorship of Digital Motorsports Tournament, Diverse provides the best competitors with valuable gift cards.  The tournament is taking place at Automotive Icons, an exhibition held in Warsaw, Poland, which showcases over 50 exclusive cars, from vintage icons to the latest super cars from Ferrari (NYSE:RACE), Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, Aston Martin and other top brands. The exhibition launched at the beginning of the year and is set to remain active until mid-April.  “The Diverse sponsored tournament at the Automotive Icons exhibition is not only a great opportunity to showcase high-class Digital Motorsports simulators, but also to showcase a new revenue stream,” said Jędrzej Stęszewski, director of operations at ESE in a statement.  “Visitors who buy tickets have the unique opportunity to drive a professional simulator. The best contenders in the sim racing tournament have a chance to win a valuable simulator and prizes from Diverse.” READ: ESE Entertainment names GameAddik’s Eric Jodoin as its new COO As part of the tournament, competitors will use the top-of-the-line simulators provided by Digital Motorsports, which allow for immersion levels almost indistinguishable from real life.  The line-up includes four static simulators and one motion rig. Built from state-of-the-art sim racing hardware, the equipment is used by professional esports drivers. The guests have the ability to do practice laps, compete in a time trial mode, or race against artificial intelligence (AI).  A brand new, fully-equipped Digital Motorsports racing simulator is being offered as the main prize of the tournament. The competition has three stages: Challengers, Speed Challengers and the Final. Ultimately it boils down to the best drivers competing to set the best single lap times possible to make it into the final, where a hot-lap style event will decide the winner.  Michał Pobiedziński, managing director at Diverse, commented: “The Diverse and Diverse Extreme Team brands have considerable experience and a renowned image in the world of extreme sports.  “We look bravely into the future, which is why we are also expanding into the esports sector. Our company grows not only in terms of product value, but also in terms of image because we are taking part in exclusive gaming projects.”  ESE is a Europe-based entertainment and technology company focused on gaming and esports. The company provides a range of services to leading video game developers, publishers, and brands by providing technology, infrastructure, and fan engagement services internationally.  ESE also operates its own ecommerce channels, esports teams, and gaming leagues. In addition, its organic growth opportunities, the company is considering selective acquisitions that align with its objective of becoming a dominant global player in esports technology and infrastructure.  Contact the author at jon.hopkins@proactiveinvestors.com