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Dalrada Corporation taps hospitality and real estate industry veteran Phil Marriott to the company’s board

Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB:DFCO) said that it has appointed industry veteran Phil Marriott to the company’s board, to strengthen its position, especially within the hospitality sector as the hotel industry tries to meet energy saving and sustainability standards. An accomplished businessman, Marriott has over 50 years of experience in the hospitality industry. The Phil Marriott Company has built a partnership with Colliers International to support existing hotel owners, REITS, and capital partners to enhance the growth and expansion of their operating partners. Marriott’s influence within multiple industries enables Dalrada and its subsidiary, Dalrada Energy Services, to positively impact the global hotel and hospitality industry through its Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) compliance offerings, noted the company. READ: Dalrada says its Likido Energy Solution gains visibility during global oil price hike and shortage In a statement, Dalrada CEO Brian Bonar said: “Adding Phil Marriott – a visionary, proven leader, and trusted advisor – to our Board of Directors strengthens Dalrada’s position, especially with sustainable hospitality.” He added: “Mr Marriott’s guidance aids Dalrada in addressing one of its key goals; enabling hotels worldwide to become ESG compliant. Dalrada Energy Services is actively guiding hotels to adopt clean energy efficiencies with significant cost savings, and I am extremely pleased to welcome Mr Marriott to our organization.” Research aimed at the hospitality industry shows that electricity is the most significant utility expense, followed by water, and gas/fuel. To reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, Dalrada Energy Services (DES) offers its flagship product, the LikidoONE heat pump, which offers an innovative solution by having a low carbon all-in-one heating and cooling pump design. This breakthrough technology has the potential to generate transformational energy savings for hotels. The beauty of the LikidoONE system is that it operates in a combined heating and cooling mode producing 160 kilowatts (kW) of high-grade heat, while it extracts 120kW of cooling, providing efficiencies up to 800%, according to the company. Likido ONE heat pumps are powered by sustainable and renewable energy sources, boosting energy efficiencies by nine times more than traditional water heating methods with an estimated cost savings of 75% over fossil fuel sources, added the company. In addition, Dalrada Eneregy Services end-to-end ESG compliance solutions upgrade existing properties or design new properties without capital outlay, leverage tax credits, significantly increase property values, and create new revenue streams, including carbon credits. Results produced by DES enable property owners to achieve substantial cost savings and actualize new growth opportunities while “going green.” Dalrada Energy Services President Tom Giles noted that Marriott’s background in “responsible sustainability in hotels and real estate” will help guide Dalrada as it expands into several markets, including clean energy. “Phil Marriott’s influence accelerates DES’ reach into thousands of hospitality properties, providing extreme value to property owners as each ‘goes green’ by implementing ESG solutions,” added Giles. Currently, the Phil Marriott Company builds teams of experienced real estate experts, property owners, capital sources, and hospitality industry leaders who can privately manage acquisitions and dispositions and provide creative capital solutions worldwide. Marriott graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in accounting. He supports Rotary International as an influential member and serves on multiple boards of companies. Dalrada specializes in high-growth businesses in three verticals – healthcare, clean energy, and information technology. The group has been accelerating growth through Dalrada Health, Dalrada Precision, Dalrada Technologies and  its newest division, Dalrada Energy Services in very fast-growing markets. Contact the author Uttara Choudhury at uttara@proactiveinvestors.com Follow her on Twitter: @UttaraProactive