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One World Lithium granted provisional license for National Energy Technology Laboratory lithium brine separation technology

One World Lithium Inc. (CSE:OWLI, OTCQB:OWRDF) (OWL) has announced that The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has granted the company a provisional license to use its patented lithium brine separation technology. The NETL, a unit of the US Department of Energy (DOE), is working on a sustainable green technology to extract and separate lithium from natural brines. The Vancouver-based OWL said the license will be perfected upon obtaining the NETL/Department of Energy’s approval of the company’s plan to commercialize its patented technology. READ: One World Lithium licenses lithium-related patents from the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Laboratory OWL advisor Jack Lifton, who oversees the company’s direct lithium extraction (DLE) programs, told investors that the DOE’s technology is an advanced DLE process that rapidly generates lithium carbonate by mixing carbon dioxide and brine in a multi-step sequence in a “unique regime” of temperature and pressure. A successful commercial plan, under the agreement, will be the production from brine of a low cost, high yield, and high purity lithium carbonate product suitable for inclusion into a lithiumion battery production system, he said. “As the lithium supply is already facing large deficits, there are several junior players vying to be among the next low-cost lithium producers that are working hard to bring lithium to the market,” Lifton said in a statement.  “Many of these new players are strategically looking for new extraction technologies to bring ‘greener and cleaner lithium’ to the market quicker and at lower costs on a global basis. We are hopeful that the DOE’s patented extraction technology, following additional proving-up and commercialization, is able to fill part of the large sustainable green technology space.” The technology program could open new sources of funding for OWL, as there are large funds set aside by the Federal Governments of the United States and Canada to underwrite the development of commercial production of critical metals and materials in North America, said Jeff Hulings, OWL’s consultant and president of J&L Solutions. “If the DOE approves OWL’s proposal to commercialize its DLE Patent, we believe that OWL is in an excellent position to apply for and receive grant funds to commercialize the DOE/NETL’s DLE patent,” Hulings added. OWL said it is in the process of seeking directors and officers who have previous experience in the lithium industry and “may be well known to the investment community”. The company intends to license or joint venture its technology to current and future lithium carbonate producers. Contact Angela at angela@proactiveinvestors.com Follow her on Twitter @AHarmantas